Tanknology Australia

Tanknology Australia knows that testing underground storage tank (UST) systems is a crucial process for UST owners to reduce environmental risks and protect their investment.

Tanknology testing includes all associated pipework.

VacuTect™ UST precision testing system provides valuable time sensitive information with real time diagnostic leak detection for tank owners, builders and contractors.

Tanknology also offer innovative technologies such as Petroscope™ Video Tank Inspection and TankCam non-intrusive in-situ video tank inspection. Tanknology’s VR I and VR II compliance testing includes pressure decay testing, dynamic back pressure, air-to-liquid ratio, pressure/vacuum vent cap testing, flow rate determination, and liquid removal.

Tanknology is the oldest and most recognised UST service company in Australia providing technology for tanks and their environment for over 25 years.

Visit the Tanknology website for further information and check out Tanknology’s latest service FuelClean™, which provides complete tank/fuel cleaning with pre and post camera inspection at no extra charge.