Gascorp Pty Ltd - Budget Petrol

Gascorp is a well-established, independent fuel wholesaler. Our retail brand, Budget Petrol, has been operating in NSW since 1985 with over 60 locations in the Sydney Metropolitan area, making it one of the oldest and largest groups of independent service stations in NSW.

We offer, quality Mobil supplied fuels at competitive prices including new Mobil supplied Premium diesel; Retail and Bulk Mobil Lubricants; Fuel 1 Card – An Exxon Mobil Program; LPG Supply; Retail and Bulk AdBlue; UCB In-store programmes; ATMs & CBA Banking Partners; Environmental Regulation Support.

We can help retailers looking to:
• Lease their property to a reputable company
• Sell their property freehold
• Re-image and Rebrand their fuel site
• Change fuel supplier

We can help Industrial & Commercial customers with:
• Installation of new tanks on their site
• Supply of quality Mobil Ultra-Low Sulphur Diesel 10 ppm and Premium Diesel